domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2008

Val Semeiks LOBO #8, Page 7

Val Semeiks began working in comics in the late 1980s. His first pro work was drawing King Kull back-up stories for Savage Sword of Conan after which he took over the regular Conan The Barbarian title. After Conan, Semeiks had long runs on 'The Demon' and 'Lobo' at DC Comics. He then turned to Marvel, where he had runs on X-Men' and Wolverine. A list of his body of work would fill up several pages.

Page 7 from Lobo #8 (August 1994) by Val Semeiks (Pencils) & John Dell (Inks).
Lobo’s men grill one of the Barker boys who’s not talking until he gets an ear chewed off, literally! He then reveals his boss plans to take over the entire galaxy and is about to tell his name when Lobo asks what that ticking sound is?

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